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Pandora and Ticketfly connect you with America’s largest and most engaged music audience. More than 89 million people visit Pandora regularly, each one of them listening to the service for 22 hours a month on average, making it the most-used app in the world. Through our intelligent product integration, Ticketfly partners can now market their events to a highly targeted subset of this massive base of music lovers without lifting a finger.

Drive new fans to your events

Build your events on Ticketfly and automatically reach Pandora listeners with relevant, timely notifications to buy tickets.

Personalized Concert Notifications

Artists promote your shows through Pandora’s Artist Marketing Platform (AMP)

Partner with your artists to send custom audio messages to Pandora listeners in your markets.

Pandora AMP

Book the right talent

Analytics and insights for the music industry, powered by Pandora’s Next Big Sound division. Enhance your booking & marketing decisions with interactive social data on any artist.

Next Big Sound

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Pandora will change the way you discover and listen to music.

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How Ticketfly and Pandora are connecting artists, venues, promoters, and fans.

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