Beale Street Music Festival


Percent of Tickets Sold directly by Ticketfly + Pandora


Number of listeners and fans reached by Pandora and Ticketfly


Box Office successfully recovered from the Mississippi River

Memphis, TN

Joined 2016



Beale Steet Music Festival and Ticketfly bring the crowds to Graceland

What do you get when you combine hurricane-force winds, sideways rain, Paul Simon, and Memphis, TN? The legendary Beale Steet Music Festival packed with over 70,000 fans listening to three days of beautiful music.

Putting on a successful festival requires hard work, perseverance, and the right tools. This is why Memphis in May tapped Ticketfly to power their ticketing, marketing, and support for Beale Steet. Ticketfly’s exclusive Pandora marketing tools exposed Beale Steet’s lineup to Pandora listeners via an exclusive mixtape. Pandora and Ticketfly used years of behavioral, listening, and demographic data to reach 2.5 million Pandora listeners and fans with push notifications, promotional media, and emails that included direct links to the Beatle Steet purchase page.

When the date of the festival arrived, Ticketfly’s best in the biz festival service team was onsite to support Beale Street every step of the way. Festivals can feel like a miracle free zone, and sure enough the storm clouds rolled in on the first day and hurricane-force winds tore apart the box office and deposited chunks of it in the Mississippi river.

Fortunately, this is business as usual for the Ticketfly crew, who worked side by side with Beale Street ops to rebuild the gates and box office and get over 70,000 enthusiastic fans into the event. You can’t keep a good festival down, and sure enough the sun came out and happy fans got to hear Paul Simon close out the fest with Graceland in Graceland.

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