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Toronto, ON, Canada

Joined 2013



Metal fans want authenticity, that’s why Inertia Entertainment chose Ticketfly


Toronto-based Inertia Entertainment has been booking extreme metal concerts for the past 20 years. In Inertia’s infancy, founder Noel Peters saw that Toronto had become a void for national touring acts in the metal world. If you weren’t Metallica, Pantera, or Slayer, you weren’t playing Toronto, and Peters sought to change that. What started as a fun hobby booking shows for friends transformed into a bona fide business and put Toronto back on the map as a premiere tour destination for major extreme artists.


Peters takes immense pride in his authentic, fan-friendly approach to all facets of Inertia Entertainment’s business. Over time, he felt that his longtime ticketing provider, a dominant global ticketing conglomerate, stopped caring about his business and the fan experience. Service fees skyrocketed, and Inertia’s client rep was replaced with a call center. Event builds that took a day to go live now took three and were error-ridden, and edits could take another three days. Forget trying to troubleshoot fan issues. Impersonal service and lack of control left no single person accountable, not even Peters. Dissatisfaction reached a breaking point, and Peters needed to regain control and accountability for event builds and ticketing.

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