Ticketfly Pulse: Real-time event stats on your phone

Cristina Peralta

Nov. 17, 2014

Being an event promoter is a tough, 24/7 job, and work doesn’t stop outside the office. You need your most important event stats at your fingertips when you’re on-the-go. That’s why we created Ticketfly Pulse, the first product of its kind to give you real-time event information like ticket counts, gross, and scan counts, all on your phone. We’re talking up-to-the-second stats that update right before your eyes without having to refresh, which can make a big difference in the fast-paced world of a promoter. Now you can spend more time producing great events and less time tracking down data.

“Ticketfly Pulse helps me stay connected and make real-time decisions on the fly.”
– Farley Lucas, LED Presents

Next time you wake up to an agent asking for ticket counts (again) or you’re away from your desk during a major onsale, think of Ticketfly Pulse as your one-stop mobile information center. With a single tap on your phone, you’ll get a snapshot of performance stats for all of your upcoming events: today’s sales, total sold, open tickets, and gross. A tap on any event lets you drill down into sales by ticket type and day or watch tickets being carted and sold in real time without refreshing. It’s that simple.

During events, keep an eye on walk-up sales and scan counts as fans walk in the door, and when that agent asks for counts for the nth time, Ticketfly Pulse auto-populates a customizable email with event information and total tickets sold. All you need do is hit send.

“It’s a quick way to check real time ticket counts when you’re on the run and agents are looking for counts ASAP.”
– Thomas Glasgow, Music Farm Productions

Our goal at Ticketfly is to build products that make life easier for promoters and fans. Having up-to-the-second stats accessible anywhere, anytime helps you stay connected and focus your time on what matters most. If you’re a Ticketfly partner, contact your rep to get Ticketfly Pulse now! Not yet using Ticketfly? Contact us to learn more.

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